About us

Founded in 2008 by environmental refugee expert, Wade M. Norris, P.R.A.E.R. (Program to Relocate and Assist Environmental Refugees) is a Colorado founded non-profit to bring awareness and solutions to islanders living in island nations who are displaced (or at-risk of being displaced) from their homes due to climate change and rising sea levels. 

"Islanders have the least to do with global warming, yet are paying for the cost of global warming now.'

- Wade M. Norris, Sept 2008, UN Speech

Our work

As the United Nations currently has no status (thus formalized program) to support Environmental Refugees, also known as Climate Refugees, we develop solutions (products and services) to assist the most vulnerable residents on the most threatened islands.

We also provide advocacy and a voice for these island nations by petitioning the UNHCR and Industrialized nations to recognize the legal status of those affected so that they may seek asylum as refugees.

Our Mission

To represent and support those most affected by climate change...who have ironically had the least to do with it.

Since 2008 we have been developing a coalition of organizations (NGO's, for profit and governmental) across the globe to help in the development of strategies and solutions (theological to geo-engineered) for the most vulnerable residents on the most threatened islands such as Kirabati, Marshall Islands and the Cartaret Islands. The documentary Sun Comes Up shows in-depth coverage of a group of Cartaret Islanders and the struggle they face with having to relocate their families from the island.

This coalition is focused on long term solutions for relocating families who have lost their homes and way of life due to the impact of global climate change. While some countries have assisted in relocation, such as Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, the growing costs will soon become too much for individual countries to absorb. 

Our Founder

Wade M. Norris is an 'environmental evangelist', speaker, consultant and pioneer in the area of environmental refugees. His company, Pouring Man Productions develops research, media and awareness related to water advocacy and conservation.

He has been doing research, writing, speaking and activism for environmental, climatic and ecological disasters for nearly 20 years and has a strong background in public policy. A huge advocate for islanders and the preservation of island nations, he is currently developing a line of geo-engineered solutions (products and services) to assist with large scale disaster mitigation and prevention.

An Iliff School of Theology, where he received his Master's, Wade initially he took a strong theological perspective and was challenged heavily by the scientific community. While he has seen many of his perceived 'radical theories' come to fruition, he has studied and learned to better communicate the challenges of climate change from both a theological and scientific perspective.

Speaking Topics

Environmental Refugees


Preservation of Natural Resources

Renewable energy solutions

Environmental disaster preparedness

Environmental Justice and/or Theology

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