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United Airlines’ magazine does in depth study of dissappearing island – Maldives

From United’s Hemisphere Magazine With sea levels rising, conservationists are working to prevent this trendy tropical getaway from becoming paradise lost. Less than four decades ago, the Maldives, or Dhivehi Raajje (Dhivehi for “Island Kingdom”), was a sleepy, all-but-untouched chain of 26 pristine coral atolls–natural breakwaters that protect some 1,200 shape-shifting sandy islands from the […]

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North Carolina funded to lead in Sea Level rise research

Many of us have some information from the scientific community about the changes caused by global warming. Growing up in North Carolina, one can see the changes of sea level rise over a 10-20 year period quite easily. North Carolina is home to some of the most unique and fragile land formations in the coastal […]

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