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Two Island Presidents make a stand for Islanders threatened by sea level rise

By Cristine Russell February 28th, 2009; Vol.175 #5 (p. 24) Summarised by Veronique Carola, Sea Level Rise Foundation Special and Vulnerable The island nations of Maldives and Kiribati highlight a hidden challenge for coping with climate change. It is now about figuring out what to do for localities threatened with the possibility of extinction from […]

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Australian Scientists working to save water supplies for Kirabiti islanders

From: The West 2nd March 2009, 13:15 WST A group of Australian scientists is helping to save a tiny central Pacific island nation from a dangerous byproduct of rising sea levels.    Kiribati is slowly being swamped by salt water, shrinking the land mass and threatening the islanders’ precious supply of fresh water stored in underground […]

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