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Gulf Oil Spill Electric Car Credit

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Photobucket     Please take a moment to sign this petition in response to the 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill

To:  The US President and US Congress from Americans Concerned about the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf Oil Spill Electric Car Credit
With oil prices expected to exceed $100 per barrel and millions of dollars of catastrophic damage occurring to U.S. coasts, wildlife, and coastal economies, all due to the 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill, it is time for a new direction for transportation in America.

In response to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, this petition asks the U.S. Congress and Senate to introduce legislation and for the President to sign into law a bill that will do the following:
1) Increase the electric car tax credit for any American made Electric cars to 70% of the purchase price.
2) Provide a tax credit for consumers equal to the cost of labor to convert their gas engine vehicle to an electric engine vehicle.
3) To require that all Federal Agencies must use American made Electric cars for 70% of their vehicle fleets beginning January of 2011 and thereafter.

This will create instant demand for U.S. made electric cars, which will put Americans back to work, boost the American economy, reduce the demand for Oil, and will give the American people a choice to drive an affordable vehicle that is clean and does not pose a threat to our coastal economies or our wildlife.


The Undersigned

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