Carribean Islands to wash away?

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Trinidad and Tobago Express
Troubling concern

Prof Bhawan Singh agreed with much of what Chu had to say but thought his comments of the Caribbean islands being washed away "somewhat strong".

But he pointed to a troubling finding:

Sea-level rise in the Gulf of Paria appeared to be happening faster than the global average, which indicated that the land was sinking.

Of Chu's summit statement, Singh said:

"The latest (2007) IPCC Report does substantiate his claim of a two-to-four-degree-Celsius rise of global, near-surface temperatures by the end of this century, depending on which forcing of the climate system is used, namely, based on the rate of increase of greenhouse gases globally.

"The link between climate change/global warming and sea-level rise resides in the thermal expansion of oceanic water, the melting of sub-polar ice fields in mountainous areas such as the Andes and the Himalayas and the melting of the polar ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica.

"As an indication of the potential contributions of the polar ice caps to sea-level rise, if the Antarctic ice cap were to melt completely, it would have the potential to raise sea levels by over 60 metres while the Greenland ice cap would have the potential to raise sea levels by close to seven metres.

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